Personal responsibility essay and the value system of modern society

Personal responsibility essay and the value system of modern society

Modern society is developing quite dynamically under the influence of many external factors. Undergoes changes and its system of values, which in turn has a significant impact on the formation of the personality of each of us. In the system of these values, there is a large number of moral laws and requirements, but among them, the concept of personal responsibility is in a special place. What personal responsibility means in today’s society and whether it has become a relic of the past is what each of us should be concerned about when write my essay.

How does personal responsibility fit into today’s culture?

For most of us, personal responsibility is a value that we are prepared for from our earliest years of life. The word personal responsibility is a person’s self-awareness of the success of their life. It is also an awareness of one’s original purpose in life, therefore, to do everything for one’s own progress, to achieve one’s original plan. That said, the concept of personal responsibility will always be different for all of us, as will the understanding of other words and values.

Personal responsibility means not only following the goals we have previously chosen, but also the courage to accept our mistakes and take responsibility for them. This means that each of us must not simply blindly follow moral norms or legal prescriptions, but incorporate them into our own personal value system and make them an integral part of our personality. Not surprisingly, in today’s society, personal responsibility is undergoing changes-not everyone is capable of making it a part of themselves. Nevertheless, the importance of personal responsibility for modern society is quite difficult to overestimate:

  • It is essential to the formation of a full system of values in order to create a truly conscious community in which each member fulfills his or her responsibilities not because he or she has to, but because he or she wants to;
  • It is an indicator of the effectiveness of other institutions of social responsibility – if they work well, then a sense of personal responsibility is inherent in every member of the community;
  • Personal responsibility should be not only a measure of repression but also a measure of virtue – only courageous people with a well-developed system of internal moral foundations can claim to be the authorities of modern society.

Surely not many of us can boast a well-developed sense of personal responsibility. It must be present in all aspects of our personal and social lives. Not everyone can say with certainty that they are willing to be punished for mistakes made. However, this does not mean that a sense of personal responsibility cannot be developed-it simply requires that we begin to be honest with ourselves.

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